All of our buy here pay here deals require a CASH down payment

How Much are our Down Payments?

Most of our down payments are between $800 to $2500 down when you have over 6 months on your current full time job with paystub and meet our other minimum requirements. If you dont meet our other minimum requirements, your down payment can be higher. We also have other later model cars that usually are for primary or secondary financing available on the buy here pay here program if you can come up with a bigger down payment. Most of our payments are from $69 to $99 per week on a buy here pay here deal.  Payments can be lower if you would like to and can qualify for primary or secondary financing. Its up to you which way you would like us to help you.  It is probably best to give us a call and we can tell you How to Qualify and How to get the best deal. 

Why do I need a Down Payment?

Simply stated, down payment is GLUE to a buy here pay here deal. It helps to keep a deal together. Down Payment shows us that you are serious enough to commit to paying a loan that you are willing to put up your hard earned money as down Payment in order to finance the vehicle purchase. People should look at down payment as a GOOD THING. It reduces the term of the loan and you then pay off the purchase quicker.  Down payment also shows your commitment to us, and that you are dedicated to the purchase and that you intend to make your paments on time.


How do I get a Late model vehicle that would normally not be available for the buy here pay here program?

Well it comes down to simple math.  The bigger the down payment allows you to purchase a more expensive and/or newer vehicle.

Things that You must have to qualify for our buy here pay here program

You must Have a full time job with at least 6 month of job time With a paycheck stub

(Some exceptions do apply, (retirement, ssi, work in same field) please go ahead and fill out app and we will do a personal interview with you

You must meet the minimum income requirements for the vehicle you are purchasing

You must be able to afford your payment

You must have a current N.C. or S.C drivers license

You must live within a 40 Mile market area of Hendersonville N.C.

Previous bankruptcies ok (must be discharged or dismissed)

you must have a debit or credit card in your name for automatic reccuring payment

You must bring a utility bill in your name that shows proof of residence

You must have at least 5 complete references

(names, complete address and working phone numbers)

Full insurance coverage with a maximum of $500 deductable is required








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